Claudio Dauelsberg

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The PianOrquestra, after nearly 10 years of successful career, presents the new DVD project “Multifonias”. The concept is based on our multi-faceted music, multiple rhythms, identities, and established artists and new composers, with different influences and musical backgrounds.


Dez Mãos e um Piano

After great success in Rio and São Paulo stages in 2007, sponsored by Petrobras, the PianOrquestra launches its first DVD, an unprecedented record of ten hands doing the piano his orchestra. The work is innovative and surprising for its musical and visual impact with the beautiful work of Claudio Dauelsberg, Késia Decoté, Gisele Sant’Anna, Jadna Zimmermann and Claudia Castelo Branco. The DVD PianOrquestra introduces the viewer to a single piano shape of the universe, and also includes the “making off” interviews with the musicians on the creative process, preparation techniques, unique records of tests and backstage.


Ventos do Norte

Recorded in Oslo, in the Rainbow Studios, reputed to be one of the best studios in the world of its kind. The CD “Ventos do Norte” has contributions of renowned Brazil´s and Norway´s musicians, including also the inovation of an experience with a Prepared Piano to explore the Brazilian etnic sounds, giving to the piano the role of its own orchestra being played by 10 arms



The CD “Bach” has been recorded by Brazilian pianist Claudio Dauelsberg with the Chamber Orchestra of Moscow, one of the best orchestras of its kind, in the famed Tchaikovsky Hall, Moscow.


Paisagens Brasileiras

Recorded live at the famous Montreux Jazz Festival, Claudio Dauelsberg displayed his customary talent, tecnique and inspiration — of his own and from the rich sources of our musical legacy — to elaborate the right scenary of the CD “Paisagens Brasileiras”.


Além das Imagens

The CD is the result of two years travelling around the country doing a profound research of the Brazilian music roots. Besides the images, he explore rhythms from the North to the South, as the Northern maracatu on the first tracks, the milongas and chacareras “gaúchas” from the very South with the marcha-rancho in between. All this without forgotten the strenght and the pulse of the African music.


Karaí-Eté ( Edição Européia )

The release of “Karai-eté”, produced by In and Out Records exclusively for Europe, was among the best sales in France in the Instrumental Music category.



The title “Karai-eté” , that means “Brazilian” in the tupi-guarani language, shows the approach gave by the duo Claudio Dauelsberg and Délia Fisher to the local rhythms in their new release, more percussive, more dancing and with a lot of rhythm. In the midst of the record it is possible to find even a samba school batucada that keeps the rhythm in one of its tracks.


Duo fenix

In this first work, Duo Fenix exploits the human side of the synthesizer. Comprised by Délia Fisher and Claudio Dauelsberg, they have a musical proposal resulting from the electronic and synthesizer sources. The purpose was to disclose the human and sensitive face of the technical resources and to work a path gathering the traditional acoustic sounds together, in harmony with the most modern resources of the new musical technology at the time (1989).