Claudio Dauelsberg

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Workshops e Cursos

Claudio Dauelsberg teaches at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ). He has been important in establishing disciplines related to Improvisation and Popular Piano for musicians in erudite studies and has obtained remarkable results. For his Master’s in Performance at UFRJ, Dauelsberg developed his dissertation on the theme “The Importance of Improvisation in the Performer’s Music Education,” and published his methods in a book.


Target Audience
All instrumentalists, singers, professional musicians, university students and music students in general, as well as teachers interested in developing in this area.

Course Options

Brazilian rhythms on the piano
Course Content

• The characteristics of the following Brazilian rhythms and how to play them: Maracatu, Choro, Partido Alto, Afoxé, Bossa Nova, Samba
• An overview of Brazilian Music history and its diverse styles
• How to play different brazilian grooves on the piano
• How to “comp” on the piano the diverse Brazilian Popular Music styles
• Coordination Studies of independence between the right and left hand for performing more complex Brazilian Rhythmic Patterns
• Development of Brazilian swing and interpretative inflection in the brazilian popular music and its numerous genres
• The brazilian rhythmic pattern in the piano trio performance
• Samba percussions school patterns, maracatu and ciranda, elaborated on the piano, showing how the piano can be used as a percussion instrument illustrated with the score correspondent recordings

Improvisation in Popular Brazilian Music
Course Content

• Improvisation techniques
• Chord – scale relationship
• Practicing techniques
• Transcribing solos
• Exploration of creativity and composition in a variety of Brazilian styles such as Maracatu, Partido Alto, Afoxé and others
• Application of melodic minor scales
• Performance of several brazilian styles in different instruments

Group Practice
Course Content

• Performance in different group formations (duo, trio, quartet)
• The function of each instrument within the group
• Creating group arrangements
• Arrangement foundation for the rhythm, string and wind instrument sections
Other Courses Offered:
• Improvisation for musicians studying erudite or instrumental music
• Big Band arrangements
Provided lectures at the following institutions:
• National Music Academy of Sofia (Bulgaria)
• Jazz Camp (Denmark)
• Vestfold Jazz Festival
• London University
• Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG)
• National University of Brasília (UNB)
• Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte (UFRN)
• Brazilian Music Conservatory (CBM)
• 29o Ouro Preto Winter Festival (UFMG)
• I Workshops Festival – Science and Culture Forum (UFRJ)
• Brasília Music School (UMB) among others

“Claudio Dauelsberg didn’t play: he provided the audience with a recipe for making music with perfection, joy, vigor and beauty. As a teacher, he conquered a true legion of disciples. Not only does he thoroughly understand music, he also knows how to communicate with extreme clarity, patience and friendliness. He is caring with his students, encouraging them in their questions and comments. Unquestionably a master.”

Século Diário (Brazil)